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PERU – Richest traditions for handicrafts

Peru has one of the richest and most diverse handicrafts in the world. Peruvian handicrafts have a long standing tradition, creativity and functionality, that combines popular art expressions, with traditional culture and craft- making knowledge, transmitted through centuries, from generation to generation. With a considerable variety of materials, these result in a masterly production of attractive articles for home decoration and gifts, in the form of pottery, textiles and clothing, jewelry, statues, painted glass and wooden works, such as wall mirror and paint frames.

At the International Trade Fair of Flanders 2018 we take the opportunity to present a good example of these traditional Peruvian works, that ARTIMUNDO (www.artimundo.com) will offer all through the show at the stand PERU Nr. 1643.

For more information you may contact:

Artimundo : mail@artimundo.com

Embassy of Peru: info@embaperu.be

Commercial Office of Peru: www.perutrade.be